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Website & Data Privacy

Life Skills Planning

Lesa Pascali  (

How We Collect Information About You

Life Skills Planning and its employees and volunteers collect data through a variety of means including but not necessarily limited to letters, phone calls, emails, voicemails, and from online submissions that are either required by law or necessary to provide services or other requests for assistance.

What We Do Not Do With Your Information: 

Information about your financial situation and medical conditions and care that you provide to us in writing, via email, on the phone (including information left on voicemails), contained in or attached to communications, forms, or directly or indirectly given to us, is held in strictest confidence. We do not give out, exchange, barter, rent, sell, lend, or disseminate any information about clients who inquire about or receive our services that are considered patient confidential, restricted by law, or specifically restricted by a patient/client in a signed HIPAA consent form.

How We Do Use Your Information: 

Information is only used to provide you with health or counseling services which may require communication between Life Skills Planning (Lesa Pascali) and health care providers, medical product or service providers, pharmacies, insurance companies, and other providers necessary to verify your medical information is accurate and determine the type of medical supplies or health care services you need. 

Information We Do Not Collect: 

We do not use tracking cookies on our website to collect date from our site visitors. We do not collect information about site visitors except for one hit counter on the main index page ( that simply records the number of visitors, pages visited and no other data. Our website contains links to partner or recommended websites for additional learning or assistance. We do not control or maintain those sites and therefore do not accept any liability for visiting those site.



Life Skills Planning makes every possible effort to ensure your information is safe and complies with HIPAA Regulations. We use SSL and HTTPS protocols for our website to ensure that it is compliant and acceptable for public browsers. We use end-to-end encryption to secure communications via email. Filling out a form, inquiry on the website or and other widget that collects data is at your own discretion. 

Client & Patient Data:

We comply will HIPAA regulations. Clients who receive services are required to review the Notice of Privacy Statement. 

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