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Private Telehealth Appointments

All services are provided securely and in compliance with HIPAA regulation through teleconferencing. The pandemic in 2020 still leaves it’s after effects.  People are still struggling with the emotional and community changes it has brought. Together we can explore ways to mitigate those feelings and create opportunities for healing. Telehealth is safe with a secure connection that is confidential and private.  It creates an ease of booking appointments to fit in your schedule and lifestyle.  Book an appointment now.


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I use a variety of the many types of therapies there are depending on the person(s) and the situation. Below is an explanation of the types of therapies I prefer using:

Individual therapy can include using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy where we work on changing your thoughts in order to change your behavior. CBT looks at past childhood conflicts and trauma after receiving a detailed description of your presenting problem. Depending on why you are seeking therapy, I also would use Solution Focused Therapy which is an evidenced based type of therapy. This helps the client to work on solutions more than concerns. It often asks the “miracle question” of “If your problems were solved what would life look like?” Both of these types of therapy can help with anxiety, depression, low-self esteem and life changes.

CBT has been used effectively with persons who struggle with mental illness such as bipolar disease, schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. Compassion Focused Therapy is also a therapy I use when with persons who suffer from these conditions. CFT is a relatively new method and can help clients who are feeling deep pain and low-self esteem after suffering from abuse and trauma in their childhood. Studies have found this therapy  can be used in conjunction with CBT.

Relational Life Therapy is a therapy I use with couples (and families).  It assists couples with developing personal accountability working towards breaking the waves of multi-generational trauma and improving intimacy and communication.  Therapists who  practice RLT believe all relationships experience harmony, disharmony and repair. We encourage couples to work as “a team” and help them develop relationships that are grounded and balanced. We address childhood and adult trauma and help them find their best selves and establish permanent change.

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Family Systems Therapy is a therapy I use with families. This type of therapy assists members of the family discuss difficult thoughts and emotions. Then each member can understand each other’s experiences and work as a whole acquiring  positive relationships within the family as a safe place.

Find Help For...

Thinking Man

Issues Treated

Bipolar disorder | Trauma and PTSD

Psychosis due to mental illness or cannabis abuse

ADHD  |  Alzheimer’s  |  Anger management

Anxiety  |  Children and adolescents  |  Chronic pain | Couples conflict | Depression  |  Divorce  |  Domestic violence | Dual diagnosis  |  Eating disorders  |  Family conflict  Grief  |  Intellectual disability 

Oppositional defiance  |  Parenting  |  School issues  |  Traumatic brain injury  |  Self-esteem 

Racial identity  |  Loneliness

Mental Health

Dissociative disorders  |  Elderly persons disorders

Mood disorders  |  Personality disorders  |  Psychosis 

Therapy Session

Other Services

Conservatorships  |  Case management  |  

Assisting individuals in the community who suffer from schizophrenia or bipolar illness  |  Art therapy

Previous Speaking Engagments

During the Covid-19 pandemic, I provided "How to Survive Covid and Isolation" presentations for various organizations including:

The Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce

AAUW of Sonoma

Santa Clara County

WE Bradley Electric Company

Archbishop Mitty High School

SJ Unified School District

Ring Central

Santa Clara County Health Department

CERT Auxiliary of Santa Cruz


Channing House – “What’s Next for our Health Care Workers – the Aftermath Stage of Covid-19”

Cedar Crest Nursing and Rehabilitation Center –

“What’s Next for our Health Care Workers – the Aftermath Stage of Covid-19”

I have also done presentations for NAMI of Santa Clara County ("Ask the Therapist”) and for St Joseph’s in Los Altos, CA ("Helping Others with Severe Mental Health Problems While Protecting Yourself")

Conference Meeting

Interested in having me speak at your next function,

meeting or group online call? 

Who I Help

I specialize in various areas of treatment. I treat adults, adolescents and seniors. Diagnosis of mental illness, PTSD, trauma and general therapy are among my services. For a complete list of services, click here. 

How I Do It

Help and healing begin through conversation. In your Free Initial Consultation, we can discuss your issues and determine the best actions and therapies based on desired outcomes.

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What's in It for You

You are not alone. It is always my goal that clients experience happy and fulfilling lives and that they have the  knowledge and skills to function in their everyday life. What's in it for you? A happier and balanced life with the skillset to cope with life's challenges. 

“I am committed to helping people who are experiencing mental disorders.  It is never the person’s fault when they have been born with depression, bipolar disease, schizophrenia or the like.  However, when the person denies there is a problem and refuses help they are not the only one who suffers.  Everyone who loves and cares for this person suffers”.

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