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"The wound is the place where the light gets in"


A Path To Healing 

Your journey 
begins with
one step. 

The Pandemic of 2020 and the continuing changes the world is experiencing has left many feeling unsure of their lives.


Isolation and fear of the unknown has caused many to experience abnormal amounts of anxiety, panic and depression.  Let me share my professional knowledge and tools to find ways to beat these feelings and thrive in spite of all of the present challenges.

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Lesa Pascali, MA

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


I am upfront and an engaging therapist seeing things perhaps more realistically than many others because of my diverse career.  There isn't much I haven't been exposed to, so not much can surprise me. 

I am a Relational Life Couples Therapist and have been certified by Terry Real’s Relational Life Institute. I use a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy and relational life therapy among others. Changing your thoughts in order to change the behavior as well as using tools such as meditation and self-care activities can help an individual cultivate a greater sense of self-worth and help gain a positive outlook on their life.  I find assigning tasks for some clients can create motivation. 

I have great empathy for people who have problems in their lives and are seeking help.

Who I Help

I specialize in various areas of treatment. I treat adults, adolescents and seniors. Diagnosis of mental illness, PTSD, trauma and general therapy are among my services. For a complete list of services, click here. 

How I Do It

Help and healing begins through conversation. In your Free Initial Consultation, we can discuss your issues and determine the best actions and therapies based on desired outcomes.

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What's in It for You

You are not alone. It is always my goal that clients experience happy and fulfilling lives and that they have the  knowledge and skills to function in their everyday life. What's in it for you? A happier and balanced life with the skillset to cope with life's challenges. 

-Lesa Pascali

"I understand that life is not fair and that we all experience problems that sometimes seem so overwhelming that it drive us to despair and uncontrollable sadness.  If you have experienced these kinds of feelings please reach out to me.  I understand depression and the loneliness that can accompany life’s ups and downs"

Kind Words

Lesa Pascali has been active with NAMI-Santa Clara County for many years as a private case manager and speaker.  Her background of law enforcement and as a therapist provide the knowledge many clients and families need to navigate the system and find support.  Lesa has spoken as a therapist to offer tips and guidance  to practice self-care during the Covid 19 crisis.  We are very fortunate to have Lesa Pascali as a valuable person and resource for our community!

Kathy Forward

NAMI  (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

Santa Clara County

Contact me to find
your way to a happier emotional outcome

Initial FREE Consultation for all new patients. This allows us to decide together if we are a good fit for your journey.

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